Adopt Me -- Will Russian Blue Mix

Will, Russian Blue Mix

RUSSIAN BLUE mix — Beautiful, Sweet Boy!

Nice Boy
Defers to other cats
Born about May 2010
Slender: 5 lb

Will & Grace arrived in rescue Nov. 2010 after being picked up by Animal Control — someone had moved away from an apartment building & left Will & Grace behind…

Will is healthy & was neutered 11-3-10.

For 3 months, Will & Grace lived in a dog crate in the bathroom at a crowded KY shelter who tries to remain NO-KILL where they saw absolutely NOTHING of what was going on around them!

Finally, on 1-30-11, Will was brought to WNY on a hand-off transport (10 hrs) as BestFurPets, Inc. was able to pull him.

Please help this dear cat! Please call: (716) 479-7975

Male, black DSH with bob tail
Born about Oct 2004
Neutered (11-5-09)
FIV positive:  not contagious to people, dogs, etc.
FeLV negative

Wonderfully Friendly 18 lb.
Laid-Back, Nice Boy, Couch Potato
Love Bug, Good w/ Toddlers!

Heart-Trapped as a “nuisance”  10-23-09
Was ear tipped & neutered but no colony/caretaker located
He’s too nice not to have a home.

* Adoption Donation: $35 minimum, please

Questions?  TO ADOPT: Please call  (716) 479-7975

Ina June's Kittens

Ina June’s kittens were born on Mother’s Day 2010: 7 females and 1 male, what a bunch! :-)

Come to meet and and fall in love, we won’t disappoint!

Kittens are ready to go to loving homes!

* Kitten Donation: $90 minimum, please; or 2 fur $150 *

Katherine (orange)
Playful and outgoing, has begun to snuggle by curling up on your chest when you are lying on the couch, follows right behind as chores are being done, meows when she wants “out” of the laundry room, a bit domineering with her sisters, but now gets along very well!

Chuck (white/gray)
Timid at first, but warms up quickly, follows you around, great personality, likes to play IN my shoes. :-)

Joyce (white and orange)
Independent, great friends with Chuck, likes playing with balls and feather toy.

Chocolate (darker brown calico female)
Beautiful girl!  Very friendly and curious, does not like loud noises.

Ella (lighter calico: orange, white & gray) ADOPTED!
Playful, smaller but rough houses with them all.

MauMau (tabby female) ADOPTED!
Love bug, Lap Cat!  Frequently squeaks and meows, sweet girl — was often found next to Mama.


Quiet and beautiful!
Toni rubs on you and is a nice girl — she comes to greet you when you enter the room and is good with other cats.

She was frightened at first in rescue, after a difficult start w/ a spay that required staples, etc., but now she has come around and would continue to flourish in a home of her own.

FIV/Leuk neg
About 2 yrs old

* Adoption donation is $75 minimum please *



Female white kittycat (short coat)
About one year old.

Lovely white fur, comely face and beautiful bicolor eyes!

Sweet Bonita had her spay (and shots as well).

“My babies have all grown and have gone to their forever homes, so my job is done and I’m hoping some special soul will want me for their own.  I am a  very loving girl, but I need to have my pretty feet planted firmly on the ground when you love on me (but I need your sweet love, and I hope I’ve made you see that!).”

Love, Bonita

Bonita on YouTube:
Sep 19, 2010
Nov 6, 2010

* Adoption donation is $75 minimum, please. *



Female tabby (short coat) kittycat
About one year old.

Very laid-back kind of girl and very friendly. This sweet girl needs to move on down the line to her forever home!

“Won’t you be my special angel and take me to your house?”
Love, McKenzie

* Adoption donation is $75 minimum, please. *

Mrs. Sparklenose

Mrs. Sparklenose

Female black kittycat (short coat).
About one year old (in July ’10).

Sweet, laid-back Momma who’s been diligently taking care of her now grown-up kittens, Mrs. Sparklenose is a beauty!

“Won’t you open your heart to my sweetness?  I will love you forever!” says Mrs. Sparklenose.

* Adoption donation is $75 minimum, please. *


Well Behaved, Good Girl!

Female, Min Pin mix, about 4 yrs old, under 20 lbs.

Friendly, Good w/ Dogs, Cats & Kids

Completely House Broken



Pastrami is a White/Gray DMH Male Maine Coon mix,  born about March ’07  9 lb. – Solid & Muscular.   This boy is very friendly, very SWEET!  Pastrami is house-trained and gets along with other pets.

“I will sit on your lap and you can hold me in your arms like a baby.   I was heart-trapped as a stray.  I’m a very handsome young man, they say and very friendly.  I think I’d be liking a real home where they will cherish a swell guy like me, and where I can sleep with you because I am a Love Bug.”

Completely vetted: neutered, up to date on shots, FIV/Leuk neg, no fleas/no worms.

* Adoption donation is $75 minimum, please. *



Orange boy tabby kittycat (short coat)
About 3 years old (in July’10).

“I am loving, I am sweet, and if you get me you get a treat!” says Noah.

Neutered / current on vaccines.

* Adoption donation is $75 minimum, please. *